Girijabai Sail Institute of Management

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There will have to be rigid and iron discipline before we achieve anything great and enduring, and that discipline will not come by mere academic argument and appeal to reason and logic. Discipline is learnt in the school of adversity – Mahatma

It would be a lost cause to preach such a philosophy and not practice it. That is the reason this philosophy is at the core of our educational system.

Education for us at GSIT has been always a passion driven endeavour. Professional education serves as a backbone for the  country’s growth and development. The challenge for us was to take this passion and translate it into building a system that not just caters to fulfilling the contemporary need for professional impetus to the Indian industry but also manifests into a socially conscious human resource that can evolve society itself.


I am sure our institute GSIT will definitely attract the youth who are determined to make their professional careers in the industry and other fields. I welcome all budding engineers and future managers to join us as members of our GSIT family.



Mr. Satish Sail

MLA,Karwar-Ankola Constituency

Chairman, GSMT


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