Girijabai Sail Institute of Management

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About Computer science department:

CSE is in a period of exciting growth and opportunity. CSE Graduates capture leading appointments in IT service industries, as well as fuel the Internet, wireless communications, and cross-disciplinary IT industries. All social activities today are going for computers right from calculations, records, travel booking, medicine, etc., mainly because of fast and error free operations. This calls for a thorough understanding of concepts and transforming these ideas to computer for processing. This is addressed in algorithm and programming languages. A student who learns the development of software in various areas like manufacturing, education, management and remote control, with thorough technical knowledge in computer network is in great demand by MNC’s including banking and finance sectors. There are unlimited opportunities for jobs. The skills expected are thorough logical thinking and a good competence in mathematics. Subjects on algorithms, Operating System, Programming languages, Database Management System, Computer graphics, Computer network and artificial intelligence are studied as a part of the course.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering offers undergraduate B.E (CSE) program with an annual intake of 60. The department regularly conducts special courses on advanced topics, to bridge the gap between the university curriculum and the need of the industry. The department is dedicated to education, research and overall excellence.


Dept. of computer science aims to produce talented and committed young technocrats in the field of computer science who can respond to all challenges of global competence.


• Impart Knowledge based quality education to build brilliant professional individuals and achieve excellence in teaching learning process.

• To develop the organization into a center of excellence with state of the art infrastructure.

• The emphasis lies on development of sound practical knowledge in the diverse areas of computer science like computer fundamentals, various software and hardware platforms, networking, computer architecture, software engineering, etc.


The department has 3 computer laboratories with 80 computers. These machines also have individual hard disk and are Windows Xp bootable. All the necessary softwares required to carry out regular laboratory work and project work are available in the department. These facilities are exclusively for undergraduate students of Computer Science. Internet access is also available.


1. C– Programming Lab

2. Data Structures Lab

3. Algorithms Lab

4. System Software Lab

5. Electronic Circuits & Logic design Lab

6. Microprocessor Lab

7. Database Application Lab

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