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Principal GSIT Dr. Suresh D. Mane attended the first National Conference ( on Innovation, Intellectual Property and Competitiveness) being conducted by Indian Institute of Management at Bangalore from 7 to 8 Dec 2015.

The 1st India Conference on Innovation, Intellectual Property & Competition at IIM-Bangalore aimed at reinvigorating innovation conversations and re-igniting Schumpeterian forces of creative destruction in the Indian economy. Bringing together innovation scholars, policy makers and practitioners from around the world and India, this conference contributed to these emerging discourses around innovation happening in India and its transformative impact on long run Indian economic growth. In doing so, the conference aspires to provide momentum to recent policy mandates by Government of India around Create in India and Make in India.

The conference was addressed by Kiran Mazumdar Shah Biocon India ltd, Prof Tarun Khanna Harward University & Chairman NITI Aayog India, Prof Lee Branstetter Carnegie Mellon University, Prof Kamal Saggi Vanderbilt University, Prof Stuart Graham Georgia Institute of Technology, Controller of Patents and Designs K. S. Kardam, Ashok Chawla Chairman Competition Commission of India, David J. Teece University of California, Prof J. Bradford Jensen Georgetown University, Prof Vijay Chandru Chairman Strand life sciences and other leading personalities in the field from India and Abroad.

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