Basic science













Applied Science Department is the biggest department in the college as it includes Chemistry; Physics Mathematics .The Department has highly qualified and well experienced staff. Department of chemistry is teaching Engineering chemistry theory & practical’s for classes of I & II semester Engineering students of all branches. The department aims at preparing the students for careers in all engineering aspects and also carry out basic and applied research work. There are two staff members in the department of chemistry, and one lab instructor. The Staff members are encouraged in their research activities and permitted to participate various conferences, workshops and Faculty development programmes. Department of Chemistry has state of art laboratory with good facilities.














Physics is branch of science concerned with the properties of matter and how matter interacts. Matter is any physical material in the universe. Everything is made of matter. Physics is used to describe the physical universearound us, and to predict how it will behave. Physics is thescience concerned with the discovery and characterization of the universal laws whichgovern mattermovement and forces, and space and time, and other features of the natural world. It isbased on mathematics and traditionally includes mechanics, optics, electricity and magnetism, acoustics, and heat.




Mathematics plays a important role in building up civilization by perfecting all science.It is creation of human mind concerned with ideas,processing and is intimately connected with every day life.Each theorem and discovery is a little piece of large puzzle used in large areas.. It is the study of numbers, the relationship between these number and various operations performed on them. It is the science of quantity, size and shape. It is also a way to communicate and analyze ideas, a tool for organizing and interpreting data and above all, perhaps a method of LOGICAL REASONING. Mathematics is a necessary part of the sciences.